How to make a long-lasting and stable braid?

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As good as they look, in everyday life as well on the red carpet, you can easily get bored with braids if you don’t know how to knit them in different ways or if they are constantly falling apart. There are trends even for knitting the hair, and the best hairdressers are pointing out that this year the most popular is braiding in dallas braiding salons with two locks twisted into a bun, while braids can also be complimented by ribbons of various materials, leather or wool fabrics.

For curly hair, braids are better off in casual style, associated with light waves or curls of hair blended into a romantic bun, while with flat and smooth hair it’s best to wear stable and fixed braids to create a sexy and seductive look. Braids are an inevitable fashion accessory of today, no matter whether you’re a girl or an adult lady, in the kitchen, on the red carpet, in the streets of a big city, or in a farm. In case you didn’t know – braids become stable with a little bit of hair styling products.

If you want a stable braid, just take a little bit of styling product and apply thinly onto your hands and start playing with your hair. You will be surprised! Attach the braid with a small elastic rubber band and if you are skilled enough, try to hide the rubber band with a single strand of hair.

Age Appropriate Braids

Whether you’re an older lady, a girl or a little kid – you can never be wrong with a beautiful braid hairstyle. Even though they are mostly worn by kids and girls, older women can also wear them in many occasions: sporty, elegant, romantic, you name it – you will look great wearing them. French Braid, Braided Crown, Flower Bun… These would all look great on you. Kids mostly love the simple Two Braids and it definitely is the most popular braid hairstyle for children. Girls are experimenting and bringing in the new braid styles every day, and nowadays the most popular braid hairstyles for girls are: Fishtail Braid, Headband Braid, Side Fishtail Braid, Side French Braid, etc… Braids are best worn if you have long hair, but there’s plenty of hairstyles for women with medium and short hair too.

Regardless of whether it’s a simple braid made by a little girl or a complicated jumbo made by an African braiding salon or  by the Egyptians, one is quite sure – braids never go out of style. The mere fact that you can wear them in so many ways and with every trend, makes them the hairstyle of all time.